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Pressure Curtain Wall PW2500

The Zero•Net PW2500 pressure curtain wall system takes traditional curtain wall design and incorporates our FortMax™ patented thermal barrier to provide industry-leading performance. By combining this system with standard 1″ double IGUs, designers can achieve U-values that traditional framing systems can only obtain with expensive triple pane IGUs.

  • 2 ½” profile available with various back member depths
  • glazing options: 1” to 13/4” IGU
  • FortMax™ patented thermal barrier
  • available in any combination of captured or structurally silicone glazed
  • screw spline assembly allows for delivery options of:
    • factory-fabricated and glazed
    • pre-assembled for field glazing
    • knocked down (KD) for field assembly and glazing

U-Factor NFRC 100 THERM 7.4/WINDOW 7.4 (1″ IGU w/ COG=0.24 + warm edge spacer)
U-Factor Per Physical Test (1″ IGU w/ COG=0.25 + SS spacer)
Frame Condesation Resistance Factor per AAMA 1503-09
Air Infiltration per ASTM E283 @6.24 psf
Static Water Penetration per ASTM E331 at 15 PSF
Thermal Cycling per AAMA 501.5 – range -10F to 180F
Dynamic Water Penetration per AAMA 501.1 at 15 PSF
Uniform Load Test per ASTM E330 at 60PSF
Uniform Load Cycling per ASTM 330 at -40psf, 100 cycles
Air Infiltration per ASTM E283 @6.24 psf post cycling
0.002 CFM/FT2 Pass
0.002 CFM/FT2 Pass

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