retrofit façade system

Retrofit Façade RFF2500

Future Performance for Your Existing Buildings

The Retrofit Façade system lets you keep your current curtain wall back member in place* and adds our proprietary FortMax™ patented thermal barrier. This saves you time, money, and lessens the disruption of upgrading your exterior curtain wall.

The face caps, pressure plates, glazing gaskets, and glass are removed from the existing curtain wall. The remaining curtain wall back member stays in the opening. Our FortMax™ barrier slides over the existing curtain wall stem and is fastened in place. Horizontal to vertical joints are sealed in the field then the RFF2500 system is glazed using the same interior molded corner gaskets, exterior gaskets, isolator, pressure plate, and cover as the Zero•Net PW2500 Pressure Wall system.

* Existing curtain wall should be reviewed structurally for code compliance prior to any work being performed. FreMarq Innovations can assist in this process.

  • FortMax™ patented thermal barrier
  • 2 ½” profile to match current curtain wall
  • Glazing infill thickness from 1” to 1 3/8”
  • Uses the same aluminum cover, pressure plates, and glazing gaskets as Zero•Net PW2500
  • Existing curtain wall framing can remain in the building
  • Less disruption to building occupants
  • Quicker building close-in

NFRC Assembly U factor
as low as .32 using 1″ IGU

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