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Reduce your Building's Energy Use and Carbon Footprint

Retrofit Façade RF2500

Aligning with global goals for better envelope performance, FreMarq’s retrofit system and service plan are designed to upgrade existing low- to mid-rise curtain wall installations and bring them up to, and in many cases beyond, current energy codes. This system will adapt to almost any existing pressure bar curtain wall system and can be modified to fit other product installations as well. With this unique approach, a building’s existing envelope can be modified to outperform even the highest performing competitive new construction products.

The Zero•Net™ retrofit system allows you to re-skin a curtain wall system without removing the existing framing. You simply de-glaze (remove the glass), attach FreMarq’s custom FortMax™ thermal break profile, set the new glass (or use the same glass) in place, and apply new pressure plates and covers. Your building now has a system that will perform 50% better, at potentially half the replacement cost.

This process will allow you to update current glazing to:

  • Bird-friendly glazing
  • Thermally enhanced glazing


In addition, this system will:

  • Lower HVAC maintenance cost
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Increase usable/leasing floor space
  • Eliminate condensation

* Existing curtain walls should be reviewed structurally for code compliance prior to any work being performed. FreMarq Innovations can assist in this process.

FreMarq Included Services

  • Initial on-site consultation at no cost
  • Spandrel areas will be inspected for proper insulation
    • New or added insulation will be provided at the owner’s request
  • Existing anchorage inspection
  • Follow-up energy review at no cost
  • System installation by FreMarq

Product Specification – CAD details available upon request.

The Heights at Haverhill, MA windows supplied by FreMarq Innovations, curtain wall
  • 2 1/2″ Sightline (can be customized to adapt to multiple sightlines)

Zero•Net™ Retrofit Installation

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