You CAN Judge a Building by Its Cover.

Here are the little-known facts about High-Performance buildings and their impact on architects, builders, stakeholders, and tenants.

The construction industry in the US creates nearly $1.4 trillion worth of new structures annually

Curtain walls are the #1 problem for energy consumption and emissions in the world.

The façade performance of buildings accounts for more than 50% of its energy consumption.

The building sector alone generates nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions annually, more than any other sector.

“If 100 legacy stock buildings met the average performance rates of high-performance buildings, they could save over $44 million per year.” – U.S. General Services Administration

New breakthroughs have enabled architects to now spec a project with an unrivaled 30% less energy consumption plus an equivalent drop in CO2 emissions.

This short video will open your eyes and mind to the pathway to planning buildings that are not only sustainable but are also affordable, functional, beautiful, and cost-effective in everyday use.


“The policy priority should be to ensure the best available windows and curtain walls are installed in each new building or retrofit project. The economic and carbon emission ramifications for not addressing commercial windows and curtain walls are too astounding to be ignored. The fastest and only way to net zero is to conserve energy.”

-Todd Frederick | President

Ready to learn how the FreMarq approach will impact your building and its bottom line?

Our Mission

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The mission at FreMarq Innovations is to help architects and builders construct the most affordable and sustainable high-performance buildings possible. The goal? To remove the barriers to high-performance buildings not currently achievable with today’s curtain wall solutions.

Through our patented thermal break technology, we not only reduce costs and save tenants money, we reduce a building’s energy consumption leading to a reduced carbon footprint and increased comfort and well-being for its occupants.

FreMarq partners with architects and builders to produce the perfect solution for maximum energy efficiency ideally suited to that location, the building materials, and the building design.

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