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Decarbonizing Commercial Buildings with High-Performance Curtain Walls

The GREENEST Energy is Energy we do NOT use.


Tax deductions for using energy-efficient commercial window systems.

Our Mission

FreMarq’s mission is to reverse the impact of climate change by reducing a building’s carbon emissions – at a price that every building can afford. This is made possible with the use of our Zero•Net™ curtain wall solutions.

Custom Design

Each product can be accommodated to fit project-specific needs.

Energy Conservation

High-Performance allows for a reduction in HVAC requirements.


(Return on Investment)

The savings in energy costs allow for a quicker ROI for building owners.

Embodied Carbon

Traditional materials used for Zero•Net™ systems with reusable thermal break.

Occupant Comfort

Healthier atmosphere and more usable floor space for building occupants.

“The policy priority should be to ensure the best available windows and curtain walls are installed in each new building or retrofit project. The economic and carbon emission ramifications for not addressing commercial windows and curtain walls are too astounding to be ignored. The fastest and only way to net zero is to conserve energy.”

-Todd Frederick | President

Ready to learn how the FreMarq approach will impact your building and its bottom line?

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