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Exceed Stretch Codes

Amidst the global sustainability focus, governments and regulatory bodies aim to promote energy-efficient practices in construction. Furthermore, stretch codes have emerged as a powerful tool in this pursuit, offering a more ambitious set of energy efficiency standards than conventional building codes.

Our cutting-edge fenestration systems are designed to meet and exceed the rigorous energy efficiency requirements set by recent stretch codes, ensuring optimal performance (assembled U-factors as low as 0.24) and environmental responsibility – all while using 1″ IGUs. We are dedicated to combating climate change and significantly reducing carbon emissions from buildings.

A Step Further

Take your building to the next level with R-10 performance (assembled U-factor = 0.098) using a combination of our Zero•Net™ framing, our FortMax™ thermal barrier, and VIG units.

Recent Stretch Code States: California, Colorado, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts

Stretch Code Product Details – With 1 Inch Glass

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