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Exceed Stretch Codes

As the sustainability movement gains momentum worldwide, the focus on energy-efficient practices in construction has become increasingly prominent. One effective strategy that has emerged in this regard is the implementation of stretch codes by governments and regulatory bodies. These codes set higher energy efficiency standards compared to traditional building codes, pushing the construction industry towards more eco-friendly practices.

Here at FreMarq, we have taken up the challenge of exceeding the rigorous energy efficiency criteria outlined in the latest stretch codes. Our cutting-edge fenestration systems are designed not only to meet but to surpass these standards, delivering outstanding performance with U-factors as low as 0.24 using 1″ IGUs. By embracing our advanced technology, buildings can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change

A Step Further

For those looking to elevate their building’s energy performance even further, we offer a groundbreaking solution. By incorporating our Zero•Net™ framing, FortMax™ thermal barrier, and VIG units, buildings can achieve an impressive R-10 with an assembled U-factor as low as 0.098.

Recent Stretch/Enhanced Code States: California, Colorado, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts

Stretch Code Product Details – With 1 Inch Glass

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