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Zero Sightline Vents

Now you can get fresh air into your building without interrupting the existing curtain wall with unsightly and inefficient windows. The Zero•Net™ Zero Sightline Vent looks like another fixed panel in the curtain wall from the outside, and is very clean and simple from the inside. Better still, this vent when closed has the same unmatched performance values as our other products.

Product Specification – CAD details available upon request.

  • Operator designed to glaze into PW2500 & UCW3500
  • AW90 vent
  • Infills up to 1 3/4″
  • Assembly U-factors range from 0.19-0.30
high performance zero sightline vent
The Heights at Haverhill, MA windows supplied by FreMarq Innovations, curtain wall

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