R7 Pressure Curtain Wall


Like our PW2500 Pressure wall system, the Zero•Net™ PW25XT pressure wall system is designed similarly to a traditional pressure curtain wall system but incorporates our FortMax™ thermal barrier and thin triple-pane glass. This combination allows for performance values like never before. The assembled U-Value of the PW25XT system is 0.138 (R-Value of 7). For the first time, the world has access to a high-performance curtain wall system that reduces carbon emissions and saves building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing HVAC requirements typically used to heat/cool the perimeter of a building- all at an affordable price.

high performance pressure curtain wall system
  • 2 1/2″ or 3″ Sightline
  • Low-Mid Rise Application
  • System Depth- 7 3/4″ – 10 3/4″

Product Specification – CAD details available upon request.

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