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Putting Focus on the Frame 

FortMax™ Thermal Barrier

With FreMarq’s Zero•Net™ products, you can experience thermal efficiency that is four times greater than competitor systems available in the marketplace. This improvement is made possible through the use of our patented FortMax™ thermal barrier, which effectively prevents energy transfer from the interior to the exterior.

By eliminating the framing as the weak link in curtain wall performance, this innovative barrier enhances the value of the glass and improves the overall assembly performance.

Without a high-performance frame, high-performance glass can not perform to the best of its ability. 


Terms & Conditions

By using the Energy Cost Savings Tool (the “Tool”), you agree that the Tool is proprietary information of FreMarq Innovations, Inc. (the “Company”) and that the Tool shall be and shall forever remain the property of the Company. You agree that you will not (a) disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, reproduce or alter the Tool nor permit any third party to do so; (b) copy the Tool; (c) modify or create derivative works based upon the Tool; (d) attempt to delete, disable, or otherwise circumvent any security measures implemented by the Company with respect to the Tool; or (e) assist, permit, or authorize any third party entity to perform any of the activities prohibited above.

FortMax™ thermal barrier technology
Wausau on water building


Structural Benefits

  • 100% flexural memory
  • Flexural modulus 10 times greater than that of polyamide
  • No creep under load-fastener creep is non-existent
  • Bending modulus comparable to aluminum
  • Lighter than aluminum but just as stiff

Thermal Benefits

  • 900 times more energy efficient than aluminum
  • Lower thermal conductivity than polyamide
  • Does not sacrifice the structural performance of the system

Additional Benefits

  • Class A & B flame spread rating (ASTM E84)
  • 100% REUSABLE – Unique slide-in design with mechanical attachment allows profiles to be removed and reused.
  • Profiles can be customized to accommodate any design requirements. This includes retrofitting pressure bar systems in existing buildings to increase thermal performance and drastically reduce embodied carbon.

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