Zero•Net UC3500

Aluminum Unitized Curtain Wall


Up until now, achieving these levels of thermal performance in a unitized curtain wall was unheard of.

The ZERO•NET UC3000 Unitized curtain wall uses our proprietary fiberglass technology to reach new heights in thermal performance. The aluminum unitized curtain wall completely isolates all interior aluminum framing from the exterior elements – even at the horizontal stack joint, which is the worst thermally performing area for unitized curtain wall.”

This factory fabricated, panelized and pre-glazed curtain wall system lends a new meaning to the word speed when it comes to installation.  Due to factory pre-glazed panels shipping to the jobsite, installers can close up the exterior of building much quicker than with stick built framing.

For more information on the UC3500 Unitized Curtain Wall, please contact the factory at +1 (715) 842-6842


  • Uses our proprietary fiberglass thermal break.
  • The 3 ½”” profile at vertical mullions and 3” profile at the horizontal mullions gives a narrow profile for a factory glazed unitized curtain wall.
  • The 4 ¼” horizontal stack joint can take up to 1” (+) or (-) live load floor deflection.
  • Glazing options, infill can be 1” to 1 3/8” thick.
  • ZERO•NET UC3500 can be 4-sided captured, structurally silicone glazed vertically, horizontally or vertically and horizontally.
  • The 4 sided captured system allow exterior design options with covers due to the high level of thermal performance
  • With an aluminum face cap and back member, you have the freedom to choose from numerous anodized and Kynar paint finishes.
  • Factory fabricated, assemble and glazed panels reduce installation time.  This allows the project to get dried in faster, letting interior trades get started sooner than with stick built curtain wall.
  • As with all FrēMarq Innovations products, we will provide design assistance, submission drawings, engineering, PE stamped calculations, fabrication and assembly of frames.

Performance Overview

Assembly U factor Simulation Using THERM 6.3 and WINDOW 6.3 0.306 Btu/h-ft2-F0
Based on COG (Center of Glass) U factor 0.245 Btu/h-ft2-F0


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