Zero•Net PW2500

Aluminum Curtain Wall


The future of thermally broken curtain wall framing is here today. The ZERO•Net PW2500 can get triple pane IG performance using dual pane double Low E IG.

The ZERO•NET PW 2500 uses aluminum framing with our proprietary fiberglass thermal barrier.  It takes traditional curtain wall design and incorporates an innovative fiberglass thermal barrier to provide best in class thermal performance.


  • The 2 ½” profile give designers and architects the sightlines they are used too, while various depth back members help accommodate specific building design requirements.
  • Glazing options, Infill can be 1” to 1 ¾” thick.
  • Proprietary fiberglass thermal barrier.
  • PW2500 can be 4 sided captured or structurally silicone glazed vertically.
  • With an aluminum face cap and back member, you have the freedom to choose from numerous anodized and Kynar paint finishes.
  • Screw spline frame assembly allows us to factory fabricate the frames and ship them either open in ladders for field glazing or knocked down (KD) for field assembly and glazing.
  • As with all FrēMarq Innovations products, we will provide design assistance, submission drawings, engineering, PE stamped calculations, fabrication and assembly of frames.

Performance Overview

The ZERO•NET PW 2500 has gone through a rigorous battery of testing to ensure that the system meets all the latest industry performance requirements.

U factor Simulation Using THERM 6.3 and WINDOW 6.3 0.30
U factor per physical  test – per NFRC 102-2010 0.31
Frame Condesation Resistance Factor  per AAMA 1503-09 82
Air Infiltration per ASTM E283 @6.24 psf* .002 CFM/FT2 Pass
Static Water Penetration per ASTM E331** 15 PSF
Dynamic Water Penetration per AAMA 501.1* 15 PSF
Thermal Cycling per AAMA 501.5 – range -10F to 180F* Pass
Uniform Load Test per ASTM E330 at 60PSF* Pass
Uniform Load Cycling per ASTM 330 at -40psf, 100 cycles* Pass
Air Infiltration per ASTM E283 @6.24 psf post cycling* .002 CFM/FT2 Pass
NFRC Certification Pending U Factor 0.3

* Mock up/Specimen overall test size 16′ X 26′


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