What We Do

Collaborate. Innovate. Create.
The End of Compromise™

We are a custom curtain wall manufacturer that specializes in designing new framing systems focused on the thermal performance of the frame enhancing the overall assemblies performance. We are not out to reinvent how framing systems work, but we are out to change how the commercial building industry views thermal performance. All our products use our proprietary fiberglass thermal barrier.  This thermal barrier provides industry leading thermal performance.

Unlike the big box companies, who sell stock lengths (lineal feet of material) to installers, as the manufacturer, we provide a complete set of factory submission drawings, engineering information and fabricated fames to the same installers.  Do we believe there are many very competent installers who fabricate and engineer curtain wall – absolutely, but as the manufacturer with our name and product reputation on the line, we want to see and influence how our products are going to be used on your project.

Our company’s model allows us to work closely with the installer, architect and GC to ensure the proper application of our systems.  We can review wall conditions for thermal short circuits, slab conditions for anchoring and anchor design, possible issues with interface of other materials, just to name a few items.  When using our products on your project, we believe it is our job to help ensure the best installation possible.

  • Industry leading thermal performance framing systems
  • Custom system designs
  • Custom vertical/horizontal sunshades
  • Light shelves
  • Entrance doors as part of the exterior wall package
  • Back pans, shadow boxes and insulation
  • Factory fabricated frames
  • Factory assembled and sealed frames
  • Factory glazing for unitized curtain wall and window wall
  • Package and shipping of fabricated or glazed frames on dedicated carrier
  • Customer scope reviews with proposals
  • Bid package proposal details
  • Factory supplied submission/shop drawings
  • Engineering and PE stamped calculations
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Project site visit during system installation
  • Mullion layout drawings for embed/anchor placement
  • Architectural design assistance and engineering
  • Thermal simulations – to NFRC requirements or project specific
From product application to engineering to fabrication, who knows how best to use our product(s) in a given detail or situation – we do.