Our Greenhouse Initiative

Anthony, Josh, and Adam, (members of our FreMarq team) have been working hard to get 2 greenhouses put together for this year’s vegetable season.
Currently, we provide lunch to our entire team each work day to ensure they have the energy needed for a productive day. It’s also a small way of showing our appreciation for the hard work they do.
Our greenhouse goal is to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit to help offset the energy it takes to purchase the same produce from a store. This way we are helping our environment by saving some fossil fuels while providing a healthier variety of foods to our team.

Protecting the planet starts with all of us. There are so many little things we can do each day to help save our planet.
Here’s a short list of things each of us could try to implement into our daily lives.
•Pick up trash
•Plant a tree
•Use reusable water bottles
•Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
•Use reusable shopping bags
•Turn off the lights
•Go meatless a few times a week

Every act, no matter how small, has an impact.

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