You’ve probably heard of green building projects before and was wondering which have been successfully built to protect the environment. In this article, you will be able to see the top 3 commendable green buildings of the year and why they are referred as the best.

Both the COTE (Committee on the Environment) and AIA (American Institute of Architects) have selected the most sustainable green architectures that do not consume too much environmental energy to operate. The COTE program is best known looking for buildings that have surpassed their design excellence and environmental protection criteria.

AIA focuses on checking the building’s natural system, exterior design, and technology. They have made sure that the green buildings they have picked improve comfort for the place’ occupants and has the ability to reduce environmental impacts. The criteria will also look into the building’s regenerative function, water and energy conservation, existing structures like having a high performance curtain wall, transit systems, renewable construction materials like unitized glazing, and a design that improves the quality of indoor air circulation.

Top 3 Green Building Project

1) Charles David Keeling Apartments

Location: La Jolla, California

The Charles David Keeling Apartments has a design that was in tune to favor environmental features, while getting rid and moderating the undesirable ones. The building make use of a thermal mass in order to moderate and buffer the temperature changes.

The thermal performance of the said green building is excellent that it helps in minimizing solar gain and helps in producing natural ventilation. In addition to that the AIA reported that the Charles David Keeling Apartments uses a comprehensive strategy to conserve water and energy. Its design has a vegetated roof that helps in evaporating rain that falls atop the building. It is also equipped with an overflow that is directed straight to the courtyard retention basins1)Charles David Keeling Apartments

2) A New Norris House

Location: Norris, Tennessee

For architect experts, green building challenge does not only allow them to think outside the box, but give them a chance to save Mother Earth. Just like the New Norris House, at 1, 008 square foot, the property is already half the size of an actual median house. This directly means that the material and operational costs are reduced.

For its small size, it still has quality design and durable construction equipped with high-efficiency systems. It has a low-E glass feature that provides simple control over the glare, privacy, and heat.New_Norris_House

3) Pearl Brewery/Full Goods Warehouse

Location: San Antonio

The Pearl Brewery is equipped with large light monitors that drive natural daylight to the breezeways. In addition to that, it captures rainwater from the roof and they recycle the water for comprehensive conservation.

Full Goods Warehouse

One of COTE and AIA’s criteria for a successful green building is having excellence on thermal performance. This can only achieved by correctly installing framing systems that have thermal barrier. Great manufacturers like the FreMarq Frame™provides products that are patented with fiberglass and thermal barrier.

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