Steelglaze PW2500

Steel Curtain Wall


Do you need to span tall heights or widths?  Is aluminum curtain wall not providing what you need to meet to your design requirements? STEELGLAZE PW 2500 can help.

The STEELGLAZE PW 2500 is an exterior glazed pressure bar curtain wall that uses an aluminum face cap and pressure plate, our proprietary fiberglass thermal barrier and 12 gauge galvaneeled break formed steel back member.

Steel is approximately 2X stronger than aluminum – it works very well if you have openings that are very tall or wide.  It is also denser than aluminum so it has better thermal performance.


  • The STEELGLAZE framing uses screw spline assembly to provide extremely tight horizontal to vertical joinery.  Using this type of joinery, we can factory fabricate frames, shipping completed ladders open for glazing in the field.
  • The break forming process versus roll forming allows a vast array of customization to your framing system without incurring tremendous expenses for roll form tooling
  • 12 gauge roll formed steel for strength.
  • 2 ½” profile with mullion depths and profiles designed by project.
  • Uses our proprietary fiberglass thermal break for exceptional thermal performance.
  • Galvaneeled treatment provides additional barrier against corrosion issues.  Do note that any water infiltration getting to the steel would have be from the inside of the building.
  • The aluminum exterior cover lets you use all the andodized and Kynar paint finish choices architects and designers have become accustomed too.  The interior steel framing uses environmentally friendly powder coat paint.  The powder coat paint can be selected from a broad range of finishes meeting AAMA 2603 to AAMA 2605 kynar specifications.
  • As with all FrēMarq Innovations products, we will provide design assistance, submission drawings, engineering, PE stamped calculations, fabrication and assembly of frames.

Performance Overview

SteelGlaze is truly a custom curtain wall with a project specific design, but we use the same thermal break and glazing gaskets as the fully tested ZERO NET PW2500.

Assembly U factor Simulation Using THERM 6.3 and WINDOW 6.3 0.284 Btu/h-ft2-F0
Based on COG (Center of Glass) U factor 0.247 Btu/h-ft2-F0
Frame Condensation Resistance Factor per AAMA 1503-09 (8″ CW) 85


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