Product Overview

Process to a Better Design

The old line of thinking in the architectural aluminum curtain wall industry has always been to use a third party provider for thermal breaks and then design the system to get the best performance based on what they are given.  Framing designers would have to make compromises to get these two parts of the puzzle to fit together.

Here at FrēMarq Innovations, we have taken a different tack.  As a framing system designer, we knew what we wanted in a thermal break.  We wanted a non-conducting material that could support the weight of the infill that would be glazed into our framing system.  The thermal break properties we were looking for; low thermal conductivity, does not react with aluminum or other metals, low thermal expansion, high strength to weight ration and affordability, fiberglass was the best material we could find. But not just any fiberglass would do. We worked with one of the largest fiberglass pultrusion companies in the world to determine the exact right type of fiberglass composition that would meet our specifications

Welcome to the next evolution in commercial framing design and performance.