LEED v4 Insights

With the latest version of the USGBC rating system now fully in play (LEED v4) getting familiar with it and how products like the ones we manufacture at FreMarq Innovations work within it becomes a priority.  There are a couple of categories that can be eligible with our systems.  For an exact accounting of what goes where, please contact us.  But for some examples we offer the following:

Innovation– After all that’s not only a part of our name but it is what we do and this category we are confident our products meet the requirements set by LEED v4

Energy & Atmosphere– Specifically the Optimize Energy Performance requirement.  The outstanding energy performance of our systems can go above the prerequisite standard to reduce negative impacts due to excessive energy use.

Our system and approach can speak for themselves.  Superior performance.  Sustainable.  Attractive and smart.  And also eligible to help you meet green rating system guidelines.