How FreMarq Innovations Can Help Meet the AIA 2030 Commitment

The AIA 2030 Commitment has a serious goal. That is to have every project designed by a signatory firm achieving carbon neutral status by 2030. This program recently released a progress report on how the approach was being accepted and implemented and the results that came back were not exactly what everyone involved wants to see.   The program is not on pace to meet the goals. There are many reasons for this but the one we point to is the framing systems. Too many times the designer has been forced to compromise performanzb-pronce because the framing was the weak link and they could not acquire a system that met the goals of the specs and this program. That scenario is no longer a possibility thanks to the framing systems from FreMarq Innovations. Take a look at our systems and see what others are saying about it and how we can make a difference!

“I had to mention this to you all because you have an interest in maximizing performance of exterior curtain wall enclosures and, as involved with curtain wall as I have been over the past 35 years, I have never seen such reliable, simple attained performance that is so necessary for high performance in our buildings, particularly in trying to me the 2030 Guidelines for overall building performance.”

— Judd Peterson, Former Chair BETEC

The AIA 2030 Commitment is extremely important for the future of our plant. And now there’s no need for compromise when you are trying to accomplish the good of Net Zero.