Do You Know the Codes?

How well do you know the codes?  The building code process is never-ending.  Behind the scenes in the code body world there is always something going on, adjustments being made, and education on what truly will make the world safer and more energy efficient takes priority.  The latest family of the “I-Codes” from the International Code Council has been published and the amount of detailed information is somewhat stunning.  There’s a lot to take in and understand.  Luckily for you we have the pertinent details below and linked!  One main take away is if you are not paying attention to the U Factor of your entire assembly (not just the glass- but framing too) then you could run into issues of meeting or exceeding the new performances set.

The other recent changes:

  • Requirements for tornado shelters in public schools have been added to the 2015 IBC.
  • UA (Area weighted average U-factor) trade-off provisions for commercial building envelopes were added to the IECC.
  • Allowances for sidelighting to be used to meet mandatory daylighting requirements, as well as toplighting, have been added to the IECC.
  • Maximum Prescriptive Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) for commercial fenestration was changed. It is now to be determined based upon orientation of the fenestration, as well as the building climate zone, in the IECC.
  • An exception to meeting Emergency Escape and Rescue (EERO) size requirements for replacement windows that meet other specific criteria was added to the IEBC.
  • Provisions requiring the installation of window opening control devices (WOCDs) on replacement windows in locations where they would be required in new construction were added to the IEBC.

The entire article from Glass Magazine is very in-depth and will give you tremendous insight into everything that is happening at the code level.  Click HERE to read it.  In the meantime keep in mind to meet some of these energy goals, the framing systems available from FreMarq Innovations can help.  Please let us know of your needs!