Curtain Wall Innovation is Best When Utilized

This week Deb Levy, publisher of USGlass Magazine wrote an excellent blog post about innovation and how it gets into the marketplace.  It surely can be a challenge.  deb-postAt FreMarq Innovations, our product line takes energy performance to new levels, allowing the design team the flexibility to not only meet their aesthetic vision but their performance one as well.  But because we are out change the way the building industry views thermal performance we may be considered too innovative… if that is possible.  In Deb’s piece she nailed this issue quite well and this ending paragraph really brings it home:

“Everyone wants the performance and qualities of glass to evolve. Yet few building owners or architects are willing to share the risk or make their buildings the guinea pigs for something new. Only when you get the rare combination of vision and funding (think Apple) do you get eye-popping change.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. And it’s a shame that it is.”

So our question is… is the “risk” of outstanding thermal performance and best in class quality really a “risk?”  Obviously we don’t think so.  We invite you to explore more through the FreMarq website, examine the details and case studies and use our materials the next time you can.  You will be on the cutting edge of innovation AND bringing the end customer the performance they deserve.