The 2017 Outlook- Part 2- The Economy

The 2nd part of our look into 2017 features insight from various economic forecasts.  Looking into the future when it comes to the economy- especially in the building products space- is not an easy or exact science.  So when reviewing the different forecasts take that into account.

This interview with Dodge Data and Analytics Chief Economist Robert Murray was interviewed by Floor Daily about his forecast.  He took a quick look back, but then broke down what he views coming in the year ahead for the building and construction world.  A key part of the interview is the discussion on residential construction since that is leading indicator for the overall construction segment.  Click the box below for the 10 minute interview session.

Another outlook that was published and is very popular is from Construct Connect.  This piece goes very in-depth on every building segment.  

Finally, this report from Ed Zarenski who is one of the most adept and focus economic analysts out there today.  Note Ed’s comment on backlogs.  That is an important factor as we head into the new year.