The 2017 Outlook- Part 1- Top Trends

With the new year upon us it’s time to take a look at what trends will be making waves in the building product world.  Analysts from all over the map use the beginning of the year to make predictions and statements.  From our standpoint there’s one major trend that will not be going away soon.


Building owners and designers want the most performance they can get from the building product supplier.  And that combines the expected structural and durability performance with the best best energy performance out there.  As each year goes by and technology and innovation improve, so do the options for the building community.  2017 will be no different with the continued evolution of great products that provide the high performance properties desired by all involved.  So if you are a building owner, Architect, General Contractor, or Glazier- and you are not getting what you want performance wise- stop compromising and work with manufacturers who are bringing the performance trend each and every day.  If we can help- let us know!

In the meantime, there’s other trends to be aware of in the building product world.  The folks at Construction Dive did a great job of ranking their top 10.  Some of these are not new (like labor issues) but the list is worth a view.

Next post we’ll have Part 2 of the 2017 Outlook we’ll have the economic and forecasting side of what’s being predicted for the new year.