Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows and How Can We Prevent It? Bird-Friendly Glazing

If you have ever been on the other side of a window that a bird hit, then you know it is an unsettling experience. You are sitting there minding your own business when suddenly a resounding thud startles you. This is an unfortunately common occurrence, with some experts believing that half a million birds die each year in this manner. Is it the cost of living in civilization, or is there something that can be done to preserve this vital part of our ecosystem?

Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows?

There are three main reasons why scientists believe that birds, which are relatively intelligent animals, fly into windows.


One of the main reasons experts believe that birds fly into windows is because they can see the reflections of trees and other vegetation outside. It is also possible to see through the glass and want to land on potted plants inside.

Lights at Night

The cause of birds flying into windows at night is less understood, but scientists believe that light diverts nocturnal birds from their flight path, especially in foggy conditions, causing them to fly into the window. There is also a less common but still plausible chance that these birds hit the window by sheer accident in dark conditions.

Mother Nature

In the spring, birds can get territorial, and they will repeatedly attack your window if they see their reflection in it. They may also hit a window by accident if they are flustered by a predator chasing them.

What Happens to a Bird When it Hits a Window?

Often, when a bird hits a window, people will check on it only to find that there is nothing there, leading many to falsely believe that the bird is okay. The truth is, even if the initial impact did not kill the bird, they would likely die from their injuries somehow. Many birds can fly or limp away from the initial impact but die later from internal bleeding or an injury that makes them more susceptible to predators. Birds often die on impact, but the impact is so tremendous that it can throw a tiny bird far away from the initial impact site.

Why Should I Care?

Even if you don’t care about the birds, there are still a few reasons why you should care if they are crashing into your home or building and dying.


It is costly to repair a broken window if the bird has done any damage to it. Even if there is no structural damage, you may need to clean the window or pay someone else to do it for you.

Part of the Ecosystem

Birds are a significant part of the ecosystem, and when we start seeing fewer birds, we will start seeing more bugs around our homes.

Is it Preventable?

There are a few ways to prevent birds from crashing into your windows, but some are better than others.


There are decals designed to show birds that there is a structure there without obscuring your view, but they don’t always work, and many find them to be an eyesore.


There are many types of screens and nets available to cover windows and save birds, but these are not aesthetically pleasing, and they obscure the window view.

Glazed Windows

Sometimes the window itself can repel birds without obstructing the view or hurting the animal. Common options for bird-safe glass are frit-patterned and UV-coated glass. Fritt-Patterned glass breaks up the reflective surface with a uniformed dot pattern to prevent birds from thinking your window is an extension of the sky. UV coated glass features a striped UV coating which is obvious to birds, but hardly visible to the naked human eye.

The Clear Choice

Whether your intentions are ecological or economical, bird-friendly glazing is the way to go. We offer a variety of different glazing options that help prevent our flying friends from colliding with your building. There is no need for any extra equipment, and it will protect the birds and your building for years to come without consistent maintenance. Of course, there will always be unfortunate accidents, but there is no telling how many birds we can save per year with bird-friendly glass.

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