World Green Buildings

World Green Buildings

There are common “client requests” before they contract a particular custom curtain company to work on their project. Some of the common requests include an aluminum curtain wall, reliable transit systems, thermal barriers, and unitized curtain wall system. But as the new 2019 year comes, there are new driving trends that clients want to be implemented. In this article, you are going to know the various trends that you can expect to see in 2019 green building projects.

Looking back at the end of 2018, there has been some notable and flurry novel development activities in terms of constructing green buildings. Well-known architects, green building design experts, building scientists, and professional engineers indicated that there will be a different set of strong trends that people can expect in 2019 concrete establishments. We’re quite sure that you’re intrigued on what to see. So, without further delay here are the big shifts in 2019 facade innovations.

What are the indicated green building trends to expect in 2019?

Resiliency. One of the indicated green building trends to pop in this year is for green buildings to have the ability to withstand extreme climate patterns and natural calamities. Building developers continue to do research on deriving a quality, strong frame resilience that will moderate potential insurance costs and risk mitigation out of flood and other natural disasters.

You can expect for incoming building projects in 2019 to have reliable infrastructures, climate stability, and improved security measures. Coming from different clients themselves, they want a green building that will either meet or surpass the resilience requirements mandated by their city.

Sustainability, reliability, and resilience are now focused by clients, not only to ensure the building occupants’ safety, but to also avoid huge insurance cost and property damage. Engineers and green building experts are now coming up with products and other architectural development to reduce the severity of climate events.

Wellness. Wellness is a kind of discipline that studies the relation between the building’s design and human performance. Though this is a bit new discipline for the engineering industry, various engineer leaders are now starting to come up and merge ideas that will conserve the energy and achieve greater health. In 2018, there’s a pretty good number of credible studies and researches that underline the value of wellness.

It aims to explain the effect of the physical work environment on the occupants’ level of stress and quality of sleep they get at night. The researchers have wrapped up that a building’s wellness features have an affect on the employee’s mood and level of happiness.

One of the wellness features include having natural ventilation and natural daylight in the office place. This can be achieved by proper installation of thermal barriers and curtain walls. One of the most well-known manufacturers to provide excellent thermal performance on green buildings is FreMarq Innovations. As one of the leading high performing framing industries, we have a quality expertise in terms of providing the best installations using only the best possible materials. We believe, the better the thermal performance, the happier the building’s occupants will be.